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  • Femout


    Michelle Austin Interview

    "I am from a small Baptist town in Texas, so I never really knew I was meant to be a girl. Looking back now, it was all signs I was meant to be a girl. In this day and age with trans all over news, media and internet it is easier for people to find others like them. Growing up I never knew anyone like myself...."

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    Adalyn Interview

    "Hi there. My name is Adalyn. I am a 21 year old transgender female. My hobbies and interest include videogames, skateboarding, longboarding, shopping, make up, and networking. I'm a beginner model and I have also worked in the adult industry. "

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    Becca Fatale Interview

    "I’m Becca Fatale, Virgo. Wildfire. Motivational Speaker. Femme Fatale. Big Sister to the younger SF generation of trans-lings. Aspiring TS Socialite and XXX Entertainer. Bringing sugar free truth to the kids since birth."

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    Bekki Van Dorn Interview

    "Bekki is an adventurous snowboarding TGirl who lives in the East and wishes to find a way to move back to California. She is a wildlife biologist, avid jewelry maker and digital videography professional. She enjoys modeling and is a good cook and is lightning in the bedroom. She prefers to submit to her partners and enjoys making them happy."

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    Rebeka Refuse Interview

    "I was in my early teens when I first heard the terms “gender dysphoria” and “gender identity disorder” and I knew that those terms referred to stuff that I was experiencing and that those were what prompted people to transition genders."

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    Bird Mountain Interview

    "I started wearing my mother's clothing as early as 7 or 8 years of age. Did I know I was a girl at that age? I had no idea what any of it meant, but I definitely felt out of place. I never had a sexual fetish for dressing in women's clothing, but for me... it felt so right. It was something that I had been missing my entire life... to be out in public... as myself."

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    Tempest Interview

    "An opportunity arose where I was able to live 24/7 for a couple weeks as a female when I went on tour over in NZ with one of my bands... When I came back I had to revert and go back to "boy mode" I looked at myself in the mirror and cried - I knew that was the wrong path and decided right then and there to do whatever I had to in order to live my life under my own terms...."

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    Isabella Grazziani Interview

    "I was visiting a friend. he is very talented with makeup so it was a boring day, nothing to do..and he asked me to do my makeup and of course I said yes! once it was done I looked so pretty then I decided to do grocery shopping with him. I was nervous because I barely knew how to walk in high heels. I think I did it well, I never fell!"

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    Tasha Jones Interview

    "As soon as that dress went over my head and onto my body, I felt a feeling of safe and right all at the same time. Somehow it was a part of me that I knew I was missing but could never understand what it was until that moment. It was a feeling of normal and for the first time when I looked at myself, I saw who I was meant to be."

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    Red Vex Interview

    "I have never considered detransitioning and I doubt that I ever will. I also never purged my clothes. In fact, I still have a few pieces I had worn before transitioning. After all, it's not all about the clothes but feeling good. At least for me."

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